Modern MSP: Does Your IT Provider Think Like a Four-Star Chef?

Last week, we asked if your technology provider knows your name.

This week, we have a new question for you: Does your IT provider think like a four-star chef?

What should your tech provider and a chef have in common? (It’s unlikely you care about them cooking four-star meals; let’s think about this differently.)

A four-star chef delivers a unique experience with foods, setting, and services that complement each other. A chef must think about these elements strategically. Every detail is meant to contribute to a unique customer experience that drives value for his business. A four-start chef thinks about how individual components affect both the service he sells and his customers’ experiences.

When selecting the technology to drive and grow your business, you’re looking for a provider who thinks like a chef. They should look for complementary, quality technologies that create a unique environment that best helps you solve unique business challenges.

Find a technology provider who spends quality time understanding your business needs and then looks for and designs solutions to meet and exceed them. They should also be knowledgeable enough about the technology and your business to offer informed, quality support. 

It’s daunting to identify the right technology for your business. When faced with the task, take the opportunity to think deeply about what you need from the people you do business with. If you identify the skills you need your business partners to have, you’ll see the bigger picture around the technology you choose.

Come back to read up next week about how to select the right MSP to help you maximize cloud computing in your business.

Daniel Beeson