Modern MSP: The Top 3 Traits Your IT Provider MUST Have

We recently posed two uncommon questions you should ask yourself regarding your IT provider:

1. Do they know your name?

2. Do they think like a four-star chef?

Before you go and find the right kind of IT partnership for your business, we’ve whittled our tips down to the top three attributes your technology supplier must have.

To be honest, there are many more than just three that are worth some reflection.  The three we have chosen are meant to help you consider:

  • How your IT provider thinks about and prepares customers for the future of IT
  • How your tech IT provider delivers ongoing support to help you achieve desired business outcomes
  • How your tech IT provider stays relevant in a changing industry and delivers those benefits to customers

So, here are the top three traits you should look for, and how to identify them:

1.     Their feet are in the present but their eyes are on the future. Look for a provider that balances future tech developments and business needs with current business needs, costs, and goals.
Questions you should ask: 

  • What are they doing to keep up with technology?
  • What do they know about cloud computing, hybrid clouds, and X-as a-Services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)? _ -
  • What methods do they use to select new technologies for businesses and how do they support them over time?

2.     They’re there before you know you need them. Look for a provider that views support and service delivery as a critical ingredient for IT success and delivering on discussed business outcomes.

Questions you should ask: 

  • What services do they provide after introducing new tech into businesses?
  • How do they measure if IT is effectively delivering desired business outcomes?
  • How does their IT support change over time?

3.     They’ve got a “stick with it” attitude. Look for a provider that values long-term business, not just making sales. They update their methods, help drive your IT success, and foster a collaborative business partnership.
Questions you should ask: 

  • How do they provide long-term value and services to customers?
  • What is their process for recommending technology and associated services?
  • What are their goals when selecting technologies and services for a business?

Daniel Beeson